He’s Back

Nick Kentrolis has gone back to the basics and is offering personal fitness training services to a limited number of clients at Transform Personal Training in Monkey Junction.

Nick and Wanda photo montage copy

Dear Friends of the Crest,

Well, the year of rest that was recommend by Nick’s doctors for him to heal has worked. “He’s Bach” as Arnold would say. As you all know, in February of 2021, Nick suffered a mycotic aneurysm rupture with catastrophic hemorrhaging that caused a stroke and endocarditis which led to open-heart surgery to replace the damaged valves. After the extraordinary care from his medical team, an outpouring of support from our friends, members & family, and Nick’s incredible drive to return to his former strong self, he now has a clean bill of health from the cardiologist and neurologist. He is ready to go back to part of the fitness business that he loves the most, helping people change their lives through proper fitness training & nutrition. Nick reached out to his friend Brian Autry, who now owns Transform Personal Training about being an independent personal trainer at his brand-new studio and he said yes. He and his wife, Krista, used to own Wilmington Lady Fitness, but after Covid, chose to downsize to a smaller studio. I will not be joining him on this venture, but I will find a place where I fit in.

So, to get the word out, that we are OK, we sent this email out to everyone on our old email list. We know that some of you have moved away or are still living in the Wrightsville Beach area, but we also know that some of you have moved into the Monkey junction/Carolina Beach area. Nick already has a few of his former clients and of course is back to working out with our Mayor, Bill Saffo. This change was something that neither of us ever wanted, but just as Nick has always said, “You must keep moving forward”.

Nick is currently available for a limited number of personal training clients so contact him NOW to get on his schedule. Your 1st session is FREE and will include a complete fitness evaluation, measurements, body fat % check with a
30-minute orientation workout. Nick has kept crestfitness.com and it will soon be live again. If you choose to remain a subscriber, you’ll be able to keep up with Nick’s latest blogs that will be available in future Crest Fitness newsletters. Crestfitness is not a place,  never was, it’s where our people exercise.

We love you all and miss you greatly! We are ever grateful for so much support over the last 20 years and would like to extend an extra-special thank you to those who stepped up to help in so many ways the past few months before we closed after Nick’s Stroke and surgeries. We could not have made it as far as we have without your help!

Yours in Good Health,