Getting Started


Congratulations on taking the next steps to improved health and wellness!
Remember, you haven’t made a commitment to us but to yourself and we at The Crest @ Transform will do what it takes to help you be true to yourself.
Now that you have elected to improve your health and physical condition, we will be by your side every step of the way.

Our mission here at The Crest @ Transform is to create and provide a fitness environment that continuously motivates our members to improve their health and physical condition by educating our community on the lifetime benefits of moderate exercise. Our professional and competent staff is looking forward to assisting you in achieving your fitness goals. Our trainers and instructors are nationally certified and are available to you at your convenience. We realize that exercise should be exciting, challenging but most of all, fun. That is why we offer an extensive variety of activities that are yours to choose from. So, enjoy your new fitness program and your new life.

Your First Visit

Your key fob is the key to the club. Please be sure to have it with you whenever you visit. If your card has been lost or damaged, please be sure to report it to the front office right away. If you need a replacement fob, there is a $10 fee, so be sure to guard it with your life!

Where can I Change and Leave my Gym Bag?

The changing room, with bathroom & shower is located behind the dumbbell rack down the hall on the right. You may leave your belongings in there if you would like, or in one of the cubbies by the front door. The Crest, or Transform is not responsible for lost or stolen items!

What do I Wear?

Be sure to dress comfortably but please “no jeans”. Athletic shoes should be worn for support.

Where do I Begin?

If you don’t have a current workout program or have never had a program, relax…we will help you in any way possible. A fitness assessment and complimentary workout is available to you at no charge even with our Fitness Program. The front desk will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you with one of our certified trainers.

Using Cardio, Free Weights and Circuit Equipment

Please wipe down machines after each use. We provide cleaner and paper towels in each area on the floor. Please return weights to weight racks after use. Dropping of weights, machine stacks, or dumbbells will not be tolerated! You must be strong enough in mind, body, and spirit. Remember to be courteous to all other members, allow them to work on equipment when you are between sets. Please remove all weight belts if buckle rubs upholstery. Grunting is permitted, but inappropriate language is not!

Guest Policy

We encourage that you bring guests with you – the guest fee for locals is only $10. However, a member must accompany these guests. For out-of-town guests the fee is $20 per day, or they can buy a -multi-session program . Guests are ONLY allowed during Staffed Hours by appointment.

Any Other Questions? Contact Us