Number ONE

FacilityWhen you go to any Health Club, you will be given a contract. You need to be sure of what you are getting in to. Many will give you “outs” that will only cost you more money when you try to leave. Others will lock you in for 2 or 3 years without you even knowing it. Some will tell you that you are getting a one-time low fee for a year, but then they let you know about the separate sign up fee, the yearly assessment fees, towel and daycare fees after you sign up. Take the guesswork out of the contract. Find out what it costs upfront, during and after your term expires. If you are offered a “special deal”; get all the facts. Ask about all of the memberships and choose the one best for you.

What is Number ONE?

Contracts don’t get you in shape.

The right health club choice will.

Number TWO

You can pre-screen for hassles. Once you narrow your choice down to a few clubs, make sure you screen them. Call and ask questions about the club. You’ll learn a lot about customer service based on the information they share with you. Test drive the club at busy times to make sure they have enough parking. Ask them what their opt-out policy is if you’re unhappy. What type of penalties are you facing?

StrengthTrainingClassesDo they offer you a Free Trial Membership?

Number THREE

You can test customer service. While many gyms in the area are excited to get you in the door with different gimmicks and exciting deals, their efforts end there. They don’t care if you gain 20 pounds or lose 20 pounds once you’re in the door. Many will set you up and show you around the gym and then let you go on your own as you just become a number to the staff.

Make sure you understand how and why they chose the equipment and programs they did:

  • Was it chosen based on the recommendations of doctors, health experts, or fitness professionals?
  • Did their members tell them what they need and want?
  • If group classes are important to you, what and how many do they offer? At what times?
  • If personal training is your interest, how many trainers are on staff and what is their availability, and what kind of certification and experience do they have?

If you don’t want to feel like just a number at the club, watch carefully how people coming into the club are greeted. You’ll know in 3 minutes the personality of the gym just by the way members are treated as the come and go. You want to make sure you see staff roaming the floor. Are they approachable? Are they available to assist you with equipment and your questions?

Number FOUR

Don’t buy a membership only on price. We know that is all you see plastered in all gym advertising. Don’t bite! Your main concern is value. Is the club you are looking at one that demonstrates great results, has a super service attitude, no hassles and convenient for you? If not, the $19.99 per month option may not look as great as advertised. Remember, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you get. Do your homework. Pay for what you need and check the place out. Does everyone walk around looking like they have a big question mark over their head…and no staff member volunteering a hand?

Make sure the club you choose proves:

  • You’ll look fit and feel better
  • The staff is attentive to your needs
  • There are no hassles at the club
  • The pricing is a great value
  • They are convenient to home and work

Number FIVE

Getting proof of results in advance. Whether it is a brand new gym or one that has been around for years, you can find out how they produce your desired results. Find out what members think… those who have attained their goals through this facility. RESULTS can be proven in advance – you’ll need to ask. Do they survey their members? Do they share those results? Can you get a copy of the most recent results?

Stay healthy my friends