Fitness is constantly changing and seemingly evolving every single day with the latest and ‘greatest’ new fitness fads. As a boutique fitness club, The Crest is committed to checking in to these new changes as they occur, but the question we always ask is what will actually stick in the fitness industry?

Here at The Crest, our take is that the basics will remain which is our resistance training (weight training), cardiovascular training (however you go about this) and athletics. Outside of this, you have to realize that some fitness explosions are merely fads and will soon be gone leaving just the basics again. Now I have no real issues with these fitness fads because anything that gets people to move and live a healthier life is a positive thing. However, if you’re looking into joining a fitness facility with ‘lasting’ power in your community then it’s important you make sure that the program they show you is designed to help you achieve YOUR personal fitness goal. More importantly, you should make sure that your body is ready for this new fad. In my 26 years as a fitness professional I have found that all the new fads were really designed to help someone who is already in shape, take it to the next level. If you do not already look like you are in the shape you want to be in you should NOT subject your body to any of these new insanely crazy and intense workout programs. A real fitness professional would NEVER enroll a deconditioned exerciser on any of these programs. The “No Pain NO Gain” workout mentality is for someone who just loves to exercise and has already been through months of pre-conditioning and then a full conditioning program. If you look at some of the “newbies” to these plans, they are what I call “skinny fat.” They may be thin and might be able to run a marathon, but if you look at their skin or check their body fat, you will see that they have as much body fat as a heavy person. So please learn from a professional that has years of experience and works with all shapes and sizes of people and make sure the program you’re on is one that will also stand the ‘test of time’.