These are really tough times for someone who is not already in shape that is seeking the help of an educated fitness professional. Every day someone is selling a new weight loss product or exercise routine instead of just teaching the basic fundamentals of exercise and nutrition. I feel instructors and gyms are totally missing out on a great opportunity to help teach everyone to be healthy by just beginning a basic routine of resistance exercise, taking a walk 3-4 days a week and making better nutrition choices. – Nick Kentrolis

Nick competingNick Kentrolis, 33-year fitness industry veteran, award winning competitive power lifter / body builder and owner of The Crest Fitness Club wants to help everyone on their path to better fitness and wellness. Following the latest fad, buying the newest slim-quick or get-fit DVD program or jumping into a single methodology class is not the way to improved well-being and physique. You may be surprised to learn that following these schemes could actually do more harm to your body than good. Nick aims to help individuals begin exercising properly and for the long-term when they’re not already in shape.

“For any and all weight loss concerns, please refer to the First Law of Thermodynamics. Your body is a thermal machine. If energy in is less than energy out, the body will utilize previously stored energy, but using too much more energy will cause your body to store energy and burn stored muscle tissue,” Nick explains. Furthermore, Cardiovascular Exercise doesn’t actually burn stored calories (fat), it merely increases caloric demands on your body. So if you try to burn way more calories than you are taking in, your body will be forced to use lean muscle tissue for energy instead of stored body fat.

posturePosture is the single most important part of any exercise performed in the gym. Cardiovascular, weight training, group exercise, and so on. When using resistance machines, the true weight you are lifting is generally about 80% of what is indicated on the weight stack, so be aware when making the transition from machines to free weights. When reviewing your stats on a cardiovascular machine (treadmill, elliptical, bike, etc.), the numbers (calories burned, distance ran, etc.) can have as much as a 20% error up or down.

Before you attempt any weight loss or gain, you should understand what your Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Daily Energy Expenditure are. Most big box gyms fail to address this with each client before pushing them into a tough workout routine or high-energy class. The more surface area of muscles that are engaged in an exercise, the more calories are burned. Contrary to current fitness fads, heart rate has very little to do with caloric expenditure. Use more muscle, burn more calories.

One pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. To burn one pound of fat, an individual would need to remain at a 500 calorie deficit per day, but you must also know there is no such thing as “spot reducing” body fat. Visceral body fat – the fat that resides around your waist line is the most difficult to burn off. You cannot tell your body which fat or in what areas it can be burned, proper nutrition and a good fitness routine will provide your desired results in the long-term.

Anything that claims to help you get in shape or lose weight fast will not work. Generally, it takes 30 days to see physical changes (muscle growth, muscle endurance), and 90 days for neurological changes (metabolic rate, mood, motivation). Exercising your abs will not give you a six-pack, but rather losing excess body fat will reveal abdominal musculature already present. Ignore the stigma and demands for personal appearance pressured by our society and know that Cellulite is not a disease or a disorder, it is simply fat cells immediately beneath the epidermis (skin).

mealWhen working to develop a proper nutrition plan, you must remember that not all cholesterol is created equal. High-density cholesterol actually makes your body better at handling and metabolizing fat. Furthermore, a proper nutrition plan is 80% of your total fitness and wellness plan. You cannot hit the gym 5 times a week and walk your neighborhood every night and expect to see results if you are still eating the same poor quality “food products”.

Nick Kentrolis understands this and helps every client learn how to implement their nutrition plan to supplement their fitness and exercise routine. “Results begin when you do” is the tagline for The Crest Fitness Club and Nick’s favorite phrase, but rest assured Nick and his team of trainers and class instructors are always ready and available to help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

If you have loved ones who are too far from The Crest to join and benefit from Nick’s 3 decades of fitness industry experience and knowledge, we encourage you to share this and Nick’s other helpful articles. Dispelling the myths and gimmicks of the current fad diets and fitness trends is the first step towards allowing individuals the opportunity to break the chains and burdens of trendy fitness and get on the path to true sustained well-being.