What does it mean?

I could tell you, but you might not believe me.

Progressive Overload

But guess what…now because of an amazing thing called Google you can find out why many of the large big box gym chains and most personal trainers do not want you to know about “progressive overload.” Or worse, they don’t even know themselves!

When Jack LaLanne first started the fitness craze he only wanted to see you perform some simple floor exercises and either swim, bike or walk for your cardio training. He also wanted us to eat more fruits and vegetables. He would have never recommended High Fructose Corn Syrup, you know the stuff that is in everything including those healthy frozen yogurt snacks that you think are good for you so get more of them than you would some good old ice cream made with natural ingredients.

The truth is that if you are new to exercise, or you are starting over you should only walk for your aerobic exercise at 60-65% of your maximum heart rate and perform only one set of one exercise for each of the eight major muscle groups. If you do any more than this YOU ARE OVERTRAINING. This is counterproductive for you. Your body needs to start slow so it can progressively and consistently get results every time you add more to your program. Before you begin an exercise program make sure you start off slow…Please. I have been doing this for over 27 years and especially this time of the year I see many of you who want to get results yesterday. Just copy and paste Progressive Overload in your Google toolbar and learn for yourself.

Please don’t be someone who starts a program and then quits. For those who are just getting back into the gym because it is getting colder outside, don’t jump into the most intense aerobic class. And PLEASEdon’t get into the latest boot camp or be sold the latest cure-all by one of these multi-level marketing companies. Start off with a moderate resistance training program, yoga or Pilates. You could even just walk on the treadmill or pedal slowly on the bike…The elliptical trainer and these boot camps were made for people that are already in shape. They are using progressive overload to get into better shape.
Fitness is Progression not Perfection