“The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and it will keep you there permanently if you let it. Not you, I or anybody is going to hit as hard as life, but it is not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Keep moving forward – that is how winning is done.” –Nick Kentrolis

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Don’t get trapped in another fitness fad!

Data shows that 83% of the US population is not currently exercising and unfortunately, the majority of those exercising are following a new fitness fad instructed by someone already in shape. You can’t go from sedentary to training as a professional athlete or Olympian in a week. An exercise routine should be customized for every individual – there is no one size fits all workout, and you cannot expect to look like the fitness instructor on a workout DVD by only following the program on that DVD.

Exercise is very important but pales in comparison to the importance of proper nutrition. We are not talking about a diet, detox or quick fix food program, there must be a major shift in your food lifestyle – both by type and quantity if you hope to see real results with an exercise routine. Trendy diets, weight loss beverages, counting calories and carbs or straight up starving yourself will wreak havoc on your metabolism, muscle and overall physique. Even if some benefit is seen in the short term while following a fad diet, your body will inevitably rebound in the worst way once the diet ends.

Thirty-three-year fitness veteran, award-winning powerlifter and bodybuilder Nick Kentrolis has owned and operated The Crest Fitness Club with his wife, Wanda, for over 16 years with the desire to help as many people as possible achieve true wellness and fitness. He does this through personalized coaching and teaching each client how to assemble a nutrition plan to match the individual’s goals, abilities and current physique. “I want to fix a broken industry. I feel very sad for all the people who have let these scam artists steal money from them and destroy their bodies,” Nick exclaims.

To prove just how important proper nutrition is in a fitness routine, Nick designs and coaches each of his clients how to meal plan before letting them loose in the gym to begin a cardio and strength training routine. Nick says, “The first thing I would do is to teach them about how to plan their nutrition each day and how increasing lean muscle tissue is actually accomplished.” Proper nutrition truly is the backbone of any successful fitness routine.

toningWhen it comes to building a successful workout routine for the client, Nick must first dispel some common myths that have invaded our society for decades: “Based on a 2000 calorie diet” is one of the most misleading statements in the world. Many people do not need 2000 calories per day. Also, “Toning” is just a made-up word to encourage females to lift heavy weights without fearing that they will turn into bulky bodybuilders. True toning actually comes more from your nutrition plan than it does your workout plan.

When it comes to designing a successful fitness routine, the simplest routines are usually the most beneficial. Light cardio such as walking 3-4 times per week combined with moderate resistance training 3 times per week can bring the greatest results for most folks looking to get in shape. A program like this may seem pretty basic, but it is essential to follow a basic routine because it must be something you can pursue for the long term. Attempting the latest workout fads and pushing your body to the limits, only to quit the routine when it becomes too overwhelming, will cause further damage to your muscles and overall physique. When designing and following a workout routine, slow and steady truly does win the race of maintained fitness and wellness in life.

Nick’s heart aches everyday thinking of the millions of mislead people who are trapped in an endless cycle of fad dieting and holding a membership to the trendy gym that only sees clients as membership dues and not real humans. Nick aims to inflict true change and results for every person that comes through the front doors at The Crest Fitness Club. And, while his physical influence may only be felt in the Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, North Carolina area, he hopes to reach thousands more throughout the country with information, motivation and knowledge.

You can help Nick continue to achieve his goals of teaching true fitness and wellness by sharing this article and the many others he has posted. After more than 3 decades in the industry, Nick has seen hundreds of fads come and go and seen the suffering of those who fall victim to these fitness fads. Please, don’t fall for these slim-quick and get-fit gimmicks, let Nick help you pursue true, long-term health and wellness.