Number 1
Isolate your resolution and perform the correct activity to achieve your goal.
Fat loss and weight loss are different
Cardio and aerobic training are different. Increasing muscle strength and muscle size is also different.
Example: Runners are not trying to lose weight, so keep your heart rate between 60-70%
Powerlifters are not trying to reduce body fat so keep your reps between 8-12

Number 2
Start off by only performing one exercise for each of the 8 major muscle groups
You can’t just join a gym and start doing what their current members are doing. 68% of the people that do this fail after 90 days. Progressive overload is when you gradually increase the intensity, frequency and duration of your exercise routine. In the last 40 years since fitness clubs have become mainstream, the physiology of the human body has not changed, so there aren’t any new programs that are better than others. The new programs are only designed to challenge and re-motivate the current members, who are already in shape, so they can take it to the next level. The more you skip steps in the hopes to see results the quicker you hit your plateau. Keep it slow and build a good foundation. You didn’t get out of shape overnight and you can’t get into the shape you desire overnight.

Example: Any form of exercise you start will cause your body to transform. If you start with an intense program your body will adapt and change shape. After about 60 days you stop getting results and have nothing to progress to because you have already learned everything. After your body stops changing, you quit working out. You have to go through the conditioning phase for about 4-6 weeks before you begin your results phase to start transforming your shape.

Number 3
Food is energy
You need to understand how the body uses food for energy and if you consume less than 500 calories of what you BMR (basal metabolic rate) notates you should intake, you take a chance on losing more muscle than fat when you begin your new program. After 90 days you stop losing the water (muscle) weight. If your activity and exercise level increases, you should also increase your daily caloric intake. However, you need the correct % of carbs, protein and fats to fuel the activity you are performing in addition to keeping your fuels available to support your normal daily and bodily functions.

Don’t eat like a runner.
They eat more fruit, bread and pasta to support their extreme level of cardio activity.
Don’t eat like a powerlifter
They eat similar to runners to support their extreme level of strength activity.
Eat like a bodybuilder
Have bread and fruits and grains early in the day. Have fiber late in the day, and have protein with every meal.

Refer back to number 1 and understand what your goal is and search for a professional that is interested in helping you and not trying to sell you on their new fad gimmick.

Stay healthy my friends…